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Anti Acne Mist

Anti Acne Mist

Say goodbye to stubborn acne with our revolutionary Anti Acne formula. This mist not only tackles active breakouts but also works on acne scar removal, unveiling clear, blemish-free skin.

🌟 Powerful Anti Acne Formula for Clear Skin
🌼 Targets Active Breakouts and Acne Scars
😌 Soothes and Calms Inflammation
🌱 Natural Ingredients for Gentle Skin Care
💦 Hydrating Mist for Ongoing Acne Protection
🌷 Non-irritating and Suitable for All Skin Types
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How it works

The Anti Acne Mist brings innovation to skincare by effectively addressing active breakouts and focusing on the removal of acne scars. This groundbreaking formula not only combats existing acne but also helps in the reduction of scars, ultimately revealing clear, blemish-free skin.

Targeted Treatment

Scar Reduction

Antibacterial Action


Spray Mist: Hold the mist a few inches from your face and spray it evenly across your skin. Avoid the eye area.

Leave On: Allow the mist to air dry naturally; no need to rinse.

Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen with SPF afterward, especially if you'll be exposed to the sun.


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Anti Acne Mist

Anti Acne Mist

Say Goodbye to Acne and Hello to Clear, Beautiful Skin

Anti Acne Mist effectively targets acne issues and promotes clear, blemish-free skin. It underscores the importance of clear skin in boosting one's confidence and overall well-being

  • Travel-Friendly

    Its convenient mist format is perfect for on-the-go skincare, ensuring you can maintain your routine while traveling.

  • Acne Solution

    This mist is a revolutionary formula that effectively tackles acne, providing clear and beautiful skin.

  • Easy Application

    The mist is easy to use and is suitable for all skin types.

  • Confidence Booster

    Achieving clear, blemish-free skin boosts confidence and enhances one's overall appearance.

  • Scar Reduction

    It works on acne scar removal, promoting smoother skin and minimizing the long-term impact of acne.

  • Sun Protection

    Applying sunscreen after using the mist is crucial to protect the skin and maintain its clarity, making it an integral part of your skincare routine.

What Makes It Special

Find out why you should choose Jatadhari Ayurveda instead of other anti acne mist.

Look how it works. Irrespective of the area 💜

Still not Sure? Here are some FAQ's

How often should I use the Anti Acne Mist for best results?

For optimal results, it's typically recommended to use the mist twice a day, in the morning and evening, as part of your skincare routine.

Can I use the Anti Acne Mist if I have sensitive skin?

The mist is designed to be suitable for all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin, it's a good practice to do a patch test first to ensure compatibility.

How long does it take to see a noticeable reduction in acne and acne scars?

Results can vary from person to person, but you may notice improvements in your skin's clarity and texture after a few weeks of consistent use.

Can I apply makeup after using the Anti Acne Mist?

Yes, you can apply makeup over the mist once it has air-dried onto your skin.

Why is sun protection important after using the Anti Acne Mist?

Sunscreen is essential to protect your skin from sun damage and to maintain the clarity and health of your skin, especially when using products that address acne and scars.

  • 100% Lab Tested

  • FDA Approved

  • Gentle & Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Deeep Ghajjr
Eco-Friendly Marvel

An eco-friendly marvel! This mist is practical, sustainable, and leaves my skin wonderfully clear. Impressive

Roshni Pamnani
Radiant Clarity

Unveiling radiant clarity! The Anti Acne Mist ensures my skin stays radiant and refreshingly clear.

Gentle Elegance

Gentle elegance in skincare! This mist is gentle on the skin and adds an elegant touch to my daily routine

Saisha Suri
Serene Radiance

Achieving serene radiance! The Anti Acne Mist brings a serene touch to my skincare routine, leaving my skin beautifully clear

Marvelous Transformation

Marvelous transformation after every use! This mist effortlessly provides a thorough and marvelous clarity. Highly recommended