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Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color

Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color

Discover the magic of ammonia-free, organic and natural hair transformation. Achieve stunning black hair with our gentle, chemical-free formula.

🌼 Gentle and Amonia Free Hair Coloring
🌿 Certified Organic Ingredients for Hair Color
🌸 100% Natural Color Brilliance
🌍 Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic Formulation
🌱 No Harsh Chemicals, Only Natural Beauty
🌟 Long-Lasting, Fade-Resistant Shade Options
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How it works

Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color performs its magic through an ammonia-free, organic, and natural formula. This gentle, chemical-free hair color offers a transformation that's as safe as it is stunning. It covers grays with precision, enhances your natural black shade, and delivers long-lasting, rich color.

Ammonia-Free Formula

Organic and Natural Ingredients

Gray Coverage

Enhances Natural Black Shade


Patch Test: Prior to application, conduct a patch test 48 hours in advance to ensure there's no adverse reaction to the product.

Glove Up: Put on the provided gloves to safeguard your hands from staining during application.

Mix and Apply: Mix the hair color following the instructions and apply it evenly to your hair, starting from the roots and working toward the ends.

Waiting Time: Allow the hair color to develop for the recommended time, adhering to the specific instructions for your chosen shade.

Thorough Rinse: After the waiting period, rinse your hair thoroughly until the water runs clear.

Conditioning: Utilize the included conditioner to maintain the softness and health of your newly colored hair.


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 Return Policy

This product is 100% organic and safe. We are sure that you will love
our product. We are offering 30days trial. If any issue with the product packaging or product, you will get refund of
your money.

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Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color

Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color

Elevate Your Confidence with Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color

Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color underscores its transformative capabilities for your hair and, by extension, your confidence. It emphasizes the significance of choosing a safe and captivating hair color option that allows you to look and feel your best.

  • User-Friendly Application

    Clear instructions for easy at-home use.

  • Ammonia-Free

    A safer, gentler alternative to traditional hair color.

  • Chemical-Free

    A chemical-free option for a natural hair transformation.

  • Long-Lasting

    Enjoy rich, black hair that retains its beauty for weeks.

  • Travel-Friendly

    Compact packaging makes it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

  • Eco-Conscious

    An eco-friendly and cruelty-free choice, aligned with your values.

What Makes It Special

Find out why you should choose Jatadhari Ayurveda instead of other black hair color.

Look how it works. Irrespective of the area 💜

Still not Sure? Here are some FAQ's

Is Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color effective for covering gray hair?

Yes, this hair color is specifically designed for precise gray coverage, providing a natural and long-lasting black shade.

Is it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin and scalps?

Absolutely, Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color is ammonia-free and crafted from organic and natural ingredients, making it a gentle and safer choice for those with sensitive skin and scalps.

How long can I expect the color to last, and will it fade quickly?

You can anticipate long-lasting, rich black hair color. While individual experiences may vary, it typically maintains its beauty for weeks.

Is Natura Shade Organic Black Hair Color environmentally friendly?

Yes, it's an eco-conscious choice. The product is made with organic and natural ingredients and aligns with eco-friendly and cruelty-free values.

  • 100% Lab Tested

  • FDA Approved

  • Gentle & Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Gentle Black Elegance

Gentle elegance in black relaxation! Natura Shade Organic Black is gentle on the hair and adds an elegant touch to my hair care routine.

Serene Black Comfort

Achieving serene black comfort! This hair color brings a serene touch to my hair care routine, leaving my locks beautifully black.

Marvelous Black Perfection

Marvelous black perfection after every use! Natura Shade Organic Black effortlessly provides a thorough and marvelous black tone. Highly recommended

Eco-Friendly Color Bliss

Embracing eco-friendly color bliss! This hair color not only cares for my hair but also for the environment. Truly impressive

Joyful Black Bliss

Experiencing joyful black bliss! Natura Shade Organic Black brings joy to my hair, leaving it feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and joyfully black.